Unlocking Your God Conscious Mind

A Journey to Empowerment inspired by Rev Ike

In our quest for understanding and empowerment, we often turn to ancient texts and spiritual teachings for guidance. One such profound revelation comes from the book of Exodus, where God speaks to Moses, declaring, "I have made you God to Pharaoh." This statement holds a key to unlocking the power of the God Conscious Mind within each of us.

Understanding the God Conscious Mind can be transformative, yet it may initially seem daunting. Let's break it down to its essence. The God Conscious Mind refers to our inherent divinity and our ability to transcend material limitations. It's about realizing that we are not bound by external circumstances but are, in fact, creators of our reality.

Moses, upon recognizing his divine nature as God to Pharaoh, liberated himself and his people from slavery. This story serves as a powerful metaphor for our own journeys. We, too, can break free from the chains of limiting beliefs and societal constructs by embracing our God-given power.

The first step is acknowledging who we truly are. We are not victims of fate or mere spectators in life's drama. We are gods to our problems, fears, and challenges. This realization is not about arrogance but about reclaiming our sovereignty and responsibility for our lives.

Imagine declaring, "I am God to my problems." It's a statement of empowerment, shifting our mindset from victimhood to agency. No longer do we allow circumstances to dictate our reality; instead, we assert our divine authority to shape our experiences.

The concept extends beyond personal challenges to encompass all aspects of life. We are God to the economy, circumstances, and even our physical bodies. This realization is not about denying difficulties but about facing them with a sense of divine assurance.

Consider the power of withdrawing permission. Just as no one can curse us without our consent, we can revoke the power we've unconsciously given to external forces. By reclaiming our God-given authority, we reclaim our ability to manifest positive outcomes.

Practicing the God Conscious Mind is not passive; it's an active engagement with life. It's about aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with our divine nature. As the Psalm says, we delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night, and prospering in all we do.

This isn't wishful thinking or blind optimism. It's a deep understanding of our interconnectedness with the divine intelligence that governs the universe. It's about co-creating our reality in harmony with universal laws.

In practical terms, being God to our challenges means approaching them with faith, resilience, and creativity. It means embodying qualities such as abundance, love, and wisdom in all our endeavors. It's about recognizing that success and prosperity are not external goals but internal states of being.

As you delve deeper into the God Conscious Mind, remember that you are not alone on this journey. Surround yourself with supportive teachings, practices, and communities that reinforce your divine nature. Stay committed to your growth and trust in the infinite possibilities that unfold when you align with your true essence.

Continue to join me on this journey!

Peace and Abundance Always, Peter Abundant, Ph.D