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Understanding the True Nature of Your Reality

God is Neutral

When many of us think about the world we're living in today, we often view it through a negative lens. We ponder the universe, contemplate God, and question why, if a divine being has given us this life and this planet to experience, they aren't "protecting" it. Some people even question the existence of God due to the horrors and terrible events that occur daily to innocent people.

To provide some clarity, let's explore how this all really works. This understanding is rooted in universal principles and the nature of consciousness, which I believe are synonymous with God.

If you think the world is "going to hell" or that everything is wrong, consider that God has created us in their image. This idea goes beyond just religious teachings. My philosophy is that we are creators because we are created by the Creator. Our very nature is to create, also known as manifestation.

But what does this mean in the context of the world's perceived chaos? If we are indeed individual expressions of grand consciousness (God), then we possess the power to influence not only our personal reality but also the collective consciousness. When we focus on the world's beauty and the amazing individuals making positive impacts, we create more of that reality. Conversely, focusing on negativity and destruction generates more of that experience.

Understand that it isn't God creating destruction, pain, and suffering. The universe, or God, isn't allowing these things to happen; rather, it's a reflection of our focus and actions. True spirituality involves taking full accountability and responsibility for oneself and one's reality.

If you're someone who questions why God allows suffering or prays for divine intervention, it's time to wake up to the understanding that God is neutral when it comes to what we perceive as good or bad. Everything the universe has created is out of love, including the free will to create whatever you desire. The chaos we witness is often the result of identifying more with our egos than our consciousness.

The basic fundamentals of this universe include the concept of Yin and Yang—opposites that must coexist. Without bad, we cannot recognize good. Good and bad are subjective viewpoints, shaped by your experiences. Therefore, we shouldn't project our limited perspective onto infinite intelligence (God).

Recognize that suffering can be a catalyst for pleasure, fulfillment, and joy. It's a part of the Yin and Yang balance. The universe is neutral; it has provided us with the freedom to create our own reality. If the universe intervened to remove what we perceive as bad, it would take away our ability to create our own experiences.

It's crucial to understand that experiencing both good and bad is an expression of love. It's up to us to align with our consciousness and help others do the same, without imposing our judgments. When you acknowledge yourself as the creator of your universe, you can actively decide the kind of reality you wish to experience.

Stop feeling like there's something else responsible for your experiences. Understand that you have the power to create the life you desire. This realization comes with the acceptance that you must experience both good and bad to gain true perspective and enlightenment.

Remember, the universe is neutral. You decide what's good or bad, and together, we shape the world. The more of us awaken to our consciousness, the closer we come to creating a world of peace, love, and abundance.

Don't project your judgments onto the universe. Keep them to yourself, decide mindfully what to do with them, and choose to change them for the better.

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Peace and Abundance Always, Peter Abundant, Ph.D