Feeling Like You're Not Enough?

You Already Are! Inspired by Neville Goddard

Have you ever felt like you aren't good enough, like something inside you prevents you from truly succeeding and being happy? Maybe you look at others and think they have some special quality or talent that you lack. Perhaps you constantly doubt yourself, feeling inadequate no matter what you achieve. If so, you're not alone.

The feeling of not being enough is a common struggle. It's a voice in our heads that whispers insecurities and fears, making us question our worth and capabilities. We tell ourselves we need to be smarter, richer, more attractive, or more accomplished before we can feel satisfied.

The Truth About Self-Worth

But what if I told you that you already are enough? The power to overcome self-doubt and live a fulfilling life lies within you right now. You don't need to change or acquire anything external to be complete and worthy. The truth is you were born enough; it's just been hidden behind layers of limiting beliefs and conditioning.

Imagine if you could silence that inner critic and tap into a deep wellspring of self-love and self-assurance. What if you realized that the dreams, goals, and desires you've been chasing are already yours, just waiting to be claimed?

A Transformative Mindset Shift

That's the transformative mindset shift I'm going to share with you today. Get ready to rewrite the story of who you are and what you're capable of achieving. The power of knowing that you are enough exactly as you are is a radical notion in a world that constantly reinforces the opposite—that we are inadequate, flawed, and in need of fixing ourselves through material possessions, status symbols, or punishing self-improvement.

Living From a Place of Wholeness

The key is to become much more intentional and precise with your use of imagination. You must capture the feeling and acceptance of your desire being already true rather than continuing to live in the constrictive mold of your current reality. As you persist in dwelling in the imaginal realm of your wish fulfilled, it must objectify itself in your outer world.

Time and time again, people who grasp and apply this have demonstrated its power to drastically transform their lives and achieve even their most ambitious visions and goals. The first step is to stop investing so much mental energy in responding to and recreating your current reality through your thoughts, focus, and conversations. Yes, there is currently a world of circumstances you perceive—some desirable, some not—but those are just outdated pages from an old, stale imagination. They're not the inevitable bounds of what is possible for you.

Embrace Your Innate Wholeness

Instead, become excited about what you want to experience and feel it as already being true in your imagination. This doesn't mean idly wishing or fantasizing, but inhabiting the feeling of the wish fulfilled so completely that you crowd all other imaginal realities out of your consciousness. In that state, you become intensely focused and offered intuitive signs and impulses for turning the new reality into complete form.

Remember, you are a conscious creator with infinite worth and potential. You are one with the very energy and intelligence that created this entire universe. Embrace your innate wholeness and perfection, and watch your world transform in miraculous ways.


You are enough. You are the infinite creator source. All you envision and feel is true has no choice but to reflect itself in the mirror of your experience. Claim the boundless life your imaginal activities have offered you. It awaits your acceptance and committed embrace.

Continue to join me on this journey!

Peace and Abundance Always, Peter Abundant, Ph.D