Embrace That You are Divinity

In the moments of quiet reflection, when you truly contemplate the vastness and beauty of the universe, you begin to grasp the miraculous nature of existence. Life, in its grandeur, is a wondrous experience, a part of a magnificent unfolding that is happening right now. Often, we feel detached from this magic, from the miracle of being. We study the cosmos, the planets, the solar systems, and the underlying energy, seeking to understand the infinite intelligence that orchestrates it all. Whether or not you perceive this intelligence as God, its existence and the order it brings to everything cannot be denied. This is the foundation of physics, mathematics, and our quest to make sense of the universe through sciences like astrology.

You, however, are not separate from this grand scheme. You are an integral part of it. Some may refer to this as God or Grand Consciousness, but at its core, there is a consciousness, a way of thinking that you are a part of. You are an extension, an expression of this consciousness. Life, in essence, is a form of art, a creation. The universe is in a constant state of expansion, evolving and shaping itself, and so are you. You are the same, an extension of this expansion, an individualized expression of that consciousness.

When we talk about manifestation, it's about understanding this expansion of experience, of our consciousness seeking to gather information, insight, and knowledge. You are the legacy of what some call God, the Grand Consciousness, the Infinite Source of everything. While everything is an extension of this grand consciousness, you are unique in your awareness. Unlike inanimate objects or even animals, you possess a consciousness that allows you to observe yourself, to be aware of your existence. This observer is the pure essence of who you are, the God within you. Your ego serves as an anchor in this reality, but it's important to recognize that your true nature is that of consciousness.

Your spiritual journey is about embracing this truth. Manifestation is an integral part of who you are, a necessary experience to acknowledge your true nature. Spiritual and religious texts often speak of our close connection to the source, to the cosmos. They are telling you that you are a part of this divine tree, connected to the grand consciousness. With this understanding, you begin to interpret these texts differently, seeing them not as distant teachings but as affirmations of your inherent divinity.

This realization is not about ego; it's about recognizing your consciousness, the part of you that is pure, that is God. The ego has its role in keeping you grounded in this life, but your core is consciousness, is God. As you journey forward with this awareness, understand that you are an expansion of the universe, an extension of the infinite. Your life is about continuing this expansion, growing, experiencing, and creating. This is the essence of manifestation – to continue the legacy of creation. You are a creator born from the Creator, and your purpose is to create, to live out the true nature of the God within you.

Continue to join me on this journey!

Peace and Abundance Always, Peter Abundant, Ph.D