Be It to Get It

The Essence of Manifestation

As you embark on your journey of manifestation, aiming to consciously create the things you desire, it boils down to one fundamental concept: to get it, you must first be it. This idea might seem abstract, but it's crucial for understanding how manifestation works. Essentially, you must embody the essence of what you desire before it manifests in your reality.

The Essence of Being

To truly grasp this concept, imagine yourself already possessing what you desire. It’s not just about feeling as though you have it; it’s about being the person who naturally attracts and maintains it. This shift in identity is the core of manifestation. Emotions play a vital role, but they are only a part of the equation.

Think about it in terms of frequency. Everything in our universe is made up of frequencies, including your thoughts, emotions, and actions. To manifest your desires, you must align yourself with the frequency of what you want to experience. This means more than just visualizing and feeling; it requires practical steps and consistent action.

Practical Steps Towards Manifestation

To bring this concept into a practical realm, consider the following scenarios:


To attract wealth, you must be the kind of person who creates value and manages money wisely. This means adopting habits and mindsets of financial abundance, learning about investments, budgeting, and value creation.



To manifest health and fitness, it’s not enough to visualize a healthy body. You must engage in regular exercise, eat nutritious foods, and maintain a lifestyle that supports physical well-being.


To attract a loving relationship, you must become the person who is capable of giving and receiving love. This involves being vulnerable, communicating effectively, and understanding and meeting your partner’s needs.

Aligning Actions with Desires

The process of being it to get it extends beyond emotions and visualization. You must also take concrete steps that align with the life you envision. These actions create a vibrational match with your desires, making it easier and quicker to manifest them.

For instance, if you want to manifest a successful career, visualize yourself in that role, feel the emotions of success, and take practical steps like enhancing your skills, networking, and seeking opportunities. By living as if you already have what you desire, you naturally attract it into your life.

The Power of Consistency

Consistency is key. As you continue to act in alignment with your desires, you reinforce the belief that you are capable of manifesting them. This consistent practice helps to anchor your desires in your consciousness and makes the manifestation process more efficient.

By embodying your desires through actions, thoughts, and emotions, you become a magnet for what you wish to create. This approach not only helps you manifest your desires but also deepens your understanding of your power as a creator of your reality.

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Peace and abundance always.

Dr. Abundant

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