Assumptions Harden Into Facts

A Deep Dive into the Psychological Interpretation of the Bible inspired by Neville Goddard

In the journey of understanding consciousness, one of the most profound realizations is that assumptions, when persistently held, solidify into facts. This concept, rooted deeply in metaphysical teachings, can be explored through a psychological lens using the stories from the Bible. It's crucial to understand that the Bible is not a historical account but a collection of psychological dramas representing the eternal truths within us all.

The Bible: A Psychological Interpretation

Many still hold the belief that the Bible can be interpreted both psychologically and literally. However, to truly grasp its teachings, one must move beyond the literal interpretation. The Bible's characters and events symbolize the inner workings of our minds and the states of consciousness we experience.

Reenacting Biblical Stories in Your Mind

To understand the Bible's psychological significance, you must reenact its stories within your own mind. These stories are not about historical figures but about the drama between your deeper, subconscious self and your conscious, waking self. This drama unfolds in the state akin to sleep, a drowsy state where creation occurs.

The Story of Pilate, Barabbas, and Jesus

Consider the story of Jesus' trial in the Gospel of John. Jesus, representing your desired state, is brought before Pilate, who symbolizes judgment. The crowd demands the release of Barabbas, a robber, instead of Jesus. Pilate, like Isaac, is blind to true judgment and releases Barabbas, symbolizing your current undesired state that robs you of your ideal.

Barabbas, a contraction of the Hebrew words for "son of the father," and Jesus, "the Savior," represent two aspects of consciousness. By holding onto desire, you keep Barabbas alive and deny Jesus. To transition to your desired state, you must metaphorically crucify Barabbas and resurrect Jesus.

Consciousness as God

Your consciousness is God, and Jesus is the embodiment of your ideal state. By identifying with your ideal (Jesus), you release Barabbas (your current limiting state) and allow your desired state to manifest.

The Psychological Passover

The true Passover is a psychological transformation, moving from one state of consciousness to another. By releasing the thief (Barabbas) and embodying your ideal (Jesus), you achieve this transformation. This process requires you to remain faithful to your new state until it becomes your reality.

The Garden of Gethsemane: Preparing Your Mind

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prepares for his transformation. A garden symbolizes a prepared mind, cultivated with positive thoughts, literature, and music. In this state, you must control your attention, not letting it wander, and focus on your desired state.

The Story of Rahab and Joshua

Rahab, representing the spirit of your awareness, assists Joshua in conquering Jericho. She symbolizes your capacity to appropriate a state of consciousness without questioning its validity. By embodying your desired state, you allow your current limitations (walls of Jericho) to crumble.

The Cloud and the Tabernacle

The cloud that covered the Tabernacle in the Book of Numbers represents your consciousness. As you approach sleep, this cloud (your consciousness) ascends, allowing you to assume your desired state. This state then manifests in your physical reality.

The Importance of Controlled Waking Dreams

To change your future, control your thoughts while in a state akin to sleep. This technique, known as a controlled waking dream, allows you to experience your desired state as if it were real. By doing so, you release your current limitations and embody your ideal.


Understanding and applying these psychological principles can transform your life. By reinterpreting the Bible's stories and applying them to your own consciousness, you realize that assumptions harden into facts. Your consciousness is the key to creating your desired reality. Embrace these teachings, and you will see profound changes in your life. Remember, the power lies within you to transform your assumptions into tangible reality.

Continue to join me on this journey!

Peace and abundance always,

Dr. Abundant